NBC’s Bluff City Law

  Million-dollar incentive for NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’ criticized

The Shelby County Assessor is calling into question a $1 million Payment In Lieu of Taxes or PILOT program that helped incentivize the filming of NBC’s now-canceled courtroom drama, “Bluff City Law,” in the city of Memphis last year.

  Jim Strickland pushes for return of NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’

‘Bluff City Law’ season finale finds the team at Strait and Associates fighting a life or death case

‘Bluff City Law’ takes on the Catholic Church in episode 9

’Bluff City Law’ episode 8 to feature an unexpected guest

  Josh Kelly talks episode 7 of ‘Bluff City Law’ where Collierville serves as the backdrop

  St. Jude patient gets final wish, visits set of ‘Bluff City Law’

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  Filming wraps on season 1 of ‘Bluff City Law’ in Memphis as stars get a special surprise

Episode 6 of ‘Bluff City Law’ promises hot topics, current issues and a healthy dose of heart

YMCA Greater Memphis to host special brunch featuring Bluff City Law’s Caitlin McGee

‘Bluff City Law’ actor Michael Luwoye talks episode 5

  First episodes of Bluff City Law to wrap at the end of the month

  NBC Universal honored by Memphis City Council for “Bluff City Law”

‘Bluff City Law’: Episode 4 tackles first amendment

We know Elijah and Sydney Strait have not always seen eye to eye as father and daughter, but on episode four of "Bluff City Law" airing Monday, Sydney has doubts about Elijah's decision as her law partner.

  ‘Bluff City Law’ star Jayne Atkinson talks episode 3

Jayne Atkinson, who plays Della, stopped by WMC Action News 5’s studio ahead of the premier of episode 3 - which includes Elijah helping Jake free an innocent man.

  Memphis leaders hopeful exposure from NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’ will boost city’s already booming tourism industry

In a city that already sees millions of tourists annually, the hope is the show will bring even more.

  Caitlin McGee gives preview of what’s to come on ‘Bluff City Law’

“I’m so excited to talk about it. Everyone asks me questions like what is going to hook us in to the show, and I’m like I can’t say,” said Caitlin McGee.

  NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’ premiere includes many of Memphis’ iconic spots

  Crowds gather to see Memphis on national TV with ‘Bluff City Law’

  Memphis father-daughter legal duo working behind the scenes as technical advisers for NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’

  Find a watch party for the premiere of NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’!

  Exclusive look at ‘Bluff City Law’

  Meet the leading lady of NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’

  Meet the cast of ‘Bluff City Law’

NBC’s “Bluff City Law” premieres Sept. 23 on WMC Action News 5

  Money behind the magic: How Memphis became the backdrop for ‘Bluff City Law’

The Bluff City had to flex its own grit and grind to make sure the series filmed here. And if it’s picked up for a second season, you can expect another round of fighting to fund it.

  ‘Bluff City Law’ stars hold special sneak peek before Sept. 23 premiere

It was the first local screening of the show for an invite-only audience.

  EDGE Board approves incentive for ‘Bluff City Law’

The EDGE Board approved a four-year PILOT incentive Wednesday for the Bluff City Law series to film in Memphis.

  ‘Bluff City Law’ looking for extras here in Memphis

Extras will earn $75 for an eight-hour shift, plus overtime. Food will also be provided if working a full day.

  NBC announces ‘Bluff City Law’ premiere date

"Bluff City Law" premiere's Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. after "The Voice."

  Governor Lee excited for ‘Bluff City Law’

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee spent most of Tuesday in Memphis attending multiple events.

Crew members needed to work on ‘Bluff City Law’

Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commission is looking for crew members to work on Bluff City Law.

  NBC’s ’Bluff City Law’ to impact local businesses

Craig Brewer's “Hustle and Flow” brought the owner of Fuel Cafe to Memphis. Now it might be "Bluff City Law" that will keep him and his family here.

  NBC’s ‘Bluff City Law’ to film in Memphis

The pilot for the newest NBC legal drama filmed in the Bluff City earlier this year. The show stars Jimmi Smits and Caitlin McGee.

  Bluff City Law could begin filming in Memphis soon, reports say

The final decision will be announced soon.

  City council adds to push for filming incentives for Bluff City Law

The Memphis City Council is weighing in on NBC's new legal drama "Bluff City Law."

  Memphis father-daughter legal team serves as analysts and inspiration for NBC’s Bluff City Law

A Memphis father-daughter law team brought on by producers as legal advisors said it would be tremendous for Bluff City Law to be produced locally.

  Stars of NBC’s Bluff City Law open up about filming in Memphis

For the first time, we are hearing from the stars of NBC’s Bluff City Law about filming the series pilot on the streets of Memphis.

  Governor Lee, Mayor Strickland weigh in on Bluff City Law filming push

It’s crunch time for NBC producers as they decide where to shoot the new legal drama Bluff City Law.

  Pressure increases to get Bluff City Law filmed in Memphis after NBC releases trailer

The pressure is on now that NBC Universal has released the first trailer for the new show “Bluff City Law”.

  NBC releases first look at Bluff City Law

NBC has released a first look at the newest drama set in Memphis.

  Uncertain incentives could keep ‘Bluff City Law’ from filming in Tennessee

Like all good courtroom dramas, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next because state money that will keep cameras rolling in Memphis isn’t a guarantee.

  Film Commission pushes to get Bluff City Law filmed in Memphis

NBC appears to be fans of the upcoming series Bluff City Law.

  ‘Bluff City Law’ cast visits St. Jude Children’s Hospital

The cast of the NBC pilot "Bluff City Law" spent some time at St. Jude Children's Hospital over the weekend.

  TV extras wanted: Filming for NBC pilot ‘Bluff City Law’ begins this month

Filming is March 16 through 27. Complete your free talent application to be an extra.

  Filming for 'Bluff City Law’ pilot takes over Oxford

A TV production crew has taken over the Oxford Square, bringing with them giant lights, trailers full of equipment and a large team.

  ‘Bluff City Law’ filming next week in Oxford

The NBC pilot "Bluff City Law" is filming next week in Oxford, Mississippi and will use the courthouse as a backdrop for the show.

  NBC legal drama pilot to be filmed next month in Bluff City

The Bluff City is once again taking center stage as the backdrop for a new NBC legal drama pilot, Bluff City Law.