Grizzlies Say No Truth to Thabeet - T.I. D Tussle

Grizzlies Media Relations Director Dustin Krugel says he spoke with Hasheem Thabeets' agent Ugo Udezue of BDA Sports Management.

Krugel says  Udezue told him while Thabeet was at the same Club Bilicanas as the Tanzanian R&B Singer T.I.D, Thabeet was in a different section of the Club, and added any altercation between the two did not happen.

Udezue wrote on his Twitter account, -quote-

  • It amazing how the media can take a frivolous story emanating from Africa with no substance whatsoever and try to spin it into facts. Wow! -end quote-.
  • The African Website reports a police report was taken.

    No charges have been filed

    Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace was unavailable for comment.