Ordinance change could allow for seven-day alcohol sales in Oxford, MS

By Daniel Hight - bio | email

OXFORD, MS (WMC-TV) - A Mississippi restaurant is seeking approval Wednesday from the Oxford, Mississippi Alderman to start serving alcohol on Sundays.

Oxford restaurant owners said they see the benefit of offering seven-day alcohol sales.  They now hope the city will buy in.

David Moore opened the doors of his restaurant, the Blind Pig, three years ago.  An Oxford, Mississippi ordinance being proposed could change that.

"This is nothing bad for the town as far as I'm concerned," Moore said.  "It would boost the revenues."

The ordinance, being drawn up by the Oxford Restaurant Association, would lift the ban on Sunday alcohol sales.

The organization said, "with responsible implementation of seven-day sales of alcoholic beverages, we can stay competitive with all the surrounding towns that have approved responsible choice every day of the week.  This needs to be done with respect for the rights and feelings of all and with good local control."

Moore said Oxford is changing and it was time to move forward.

"Sundays are usually just people getting together for a Sunday beer, a Sunday mimosa after church," Moore said, "and I just feel like it fits the character of this town."

Oxford officials said they did not want to comment on the ordinance because a final proposal has not been presented to them.

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