Is the Big East really in the Tigers Future?

Even with disclaimers put out by the University of Memphis AND the Big East Conference, talk still swirls around the possible move of the Tigers to the BCS League..

Big East Associate Commissioner John Paquette tells that Wednesday nights' report by an Orlando TV Station saying Memphis and UCF could both receive Big East invitations -quote-"as soon as next week"-endquote, has been refuted by the League.

Tigers Athletic Director R.C. Johnson issued a statement Thursday flatly denying the story and saying he would have no further comment.

At the same time, the Orlando Sentinel reports any imminent move may be premature, but adds Big East officials WILL privately discuss expansion this week.

What's at Stake for Memphis is Money, Survival, and an entry into the Top Level of College Athletics.

BCS Membership means Big Bucks to its' teams, like an extra $7-to-$9 Million a year over what the Tigers currently receive from Conference USA.

AND with the opportunity to compete for National Championships in Football, the Tigers Recruiting would increase, as it has at other former Conference USA schools now in the Big East like Louisville, Cincinnati, and USF, all of which have played in Major Bowl games.