Rudy Gay Agrees to Grizzlies Contract Offer

Wendesday was the Pre-Emptive Strike..

Thursday the Grizzlies dropped the Nuclear Bomb on the competition.

Just one day after offering Forward Rudy Gay a Qualifying deal to make sure they can match any other teams' offer...the Grizzlies blow everybody else out of the Ballpark by offering Gay a Maximum Contract, reportedly 5-years at around $81-Million Dollars.

The Associated Press reports the Grizzlies will play Gay $13.3 Million Dollars per season, an amount, per NBA rules, increases by 10.5% each year.

The deal can't be signed till July 8th.

Gay was scheduled to visit Minnesota Thursday, but cancelled.

He also cancelled visits to the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets and Miami Heat.

Grizz GM Chris Wallace says those teams all have at least $30-Million to spend on Free Agents, and would've made it difficult for Memphis to Keep.

The 23-year old Gay was 17th in the NBA in Scoring last season at almost 20-points per game.

He averaged 6-rebounds a contest and led the Grizzlies in steals.

Gay shot 47% from the floor.