Elderly nun does charity work via golf cart

WICHITA, KS (KSNW/NBC) – Kansas nun Sister Ann Catherine Burger, 90, has her own set of wheels - a golf cart donated for her charity work.

"I like helping people, especially people in need, people I know really need it," she said.

She drives through the neighborhood, checking on those who may be sick, homebound or hungry.

"She came up and wanted to know if there was anything she could do for us, and asked if I would be willing to do any charity work for her, and it was just, I don't know, it kind of touched me, you know," said Charles South.

For nine years, she has gone house to house, sometimes helping with heating bills, providing food or even furniture.

"Everything in my house is from her. I didn't have anything when I moved in," Kim Garcia said. "She is my guardian angel. I love her. My kids love her."

Year-round she makes her daily house calls.

"I very seldom get sick, very seldom," she said. "I've probably missed one day all the winter, all the fall, the winter of this year."

Even though she travels alone, the only trouble she's ever run into is a flat tire.

Driving what many call her own "Pope mobile" has become her trademark.

Because her golf cart is electric, Sister Ann plugs it in at night to recharge its battery. She says she runs out of juice before the golf cart does.

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