Grandma uses bounty hunting skills to scare off burglars

WARREN, OH (WFMJ/NBC) - Two burglars will tell you not to mess with grannies after a 74-year-old Ohio woman attacked them with a skillet Saturday - especially when it turns out that granny is a former bounty hunter.

Flossie Tabor went to her son's home with her grandson to bring him some fresh fruit when she found a broken window, an open door and two intruders inside.

"I walked in on them and asked them, 'Where's my son?' and he said, 'I live here,'" she recalled. "I said, 'You don't live here, this is my house.' He grabbed a knife and said, 'Don't come near me.'"

The teen pulled a butcher knife on her, to which she responded by shielding her grandson and grabbing a defense weapon.

"The first thing I could see was a skillet," she said. "I grabbed and hit him across the head as hard as I could, then he ran out the door."

The grandmother, who retired from General Motors, says her instincts and past work as a bounty hunter came back to her in the moment.

"My daughter had a bonding company in Atlanta, GA, so I worked for her, her I and used to go out hunting criminals," she said.

Tabor tracked the pair down to a nearby neighborhood, but is still waiting for an arrest.

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