Another Chancery Court Clerk's Office employee indicted

(WMC-TV) - Another employee of the Shelby County Chancery Court Clerk's Office has been indicted, authorities announced Thursday.

A federal grand jury has charged Correy Isom, 35, with one count each of conspiracy to steal from a government entity receiving federal funds, theft from a government entity receiving federal funds and money laundering.

According the indictment, Brandon Gunn was an accounting technician in Clerk's Office responsible for dealing with the sale of properties for delinquent real estate taxes. Funds from delinquent tax sales are deposited into the Shelby County Chancery Court Clerk's Fund Account, along with other funds.

Beginning in 2008, Gunn commenced to write checks on that account payable to Isom, other co-conspirators or to entities he created for the purpose of disguising his involvement in the theft.

The indictment says Gunn used his knowledge of the Chancery Court system and of tax sales to make it appear these checks were legitimate. The checks were cashed or deposited by Isom into the accounts of the entities or into the account of Isom.

Ultimately, according to the indictment, Isom and Gunn used these funds for their own purposes.

Gunn, who was already under indictment, pleaded guilty last month and is scheduled to be sentenced next February.

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