Mid-South Food Bank desperately needs donations

(WMC-TV) - Visit the Mid-South Food Bank and you'll see empty shelves and other signs that the agency is in trouble and all this comes at a time when the need for donated food is very high.

Action News Five teamed up with people around the Mid South for a food drive to benefit the Mid-South Food Bank during last year's holiday season.

Thousands of pounds of food were collected for the food bank, but a downturn in the economy has created a demand for food that is greater than the donations it's received.

"Sometimes toward the beginning of the week we'll have food, but then the agencies are coming and as soon as the food comes in it's going back out," said Marcia Wells, of the Mid-South Food Bank.

For weeks now, food bank officials have been asking for help and while they've received some, it hasn't been enough.

"We got some peanut butter in, but we're still short on anything with protein in it - meat, protein, like chunky soup and chili with beans," said Wells.

Officials say the best donations are monetary ones because the food bank is able to get special discounts on many bulk food purchases.

"For every dollar donated, the food bank can purchase four dollars worth of food," said Wells.

This month Clear Channel Radio is going all out to collect food donations for the food bank.

This weekend, a group called the Greater Memphis Asian American and Pacific Islanders Task Force will begin collecting also.

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