Transition Planning Commission unofficially backs plan to outsource jobs

(WMC-TV) - Talks to outsource jobs during the merger of Memphis City and Shelby County Schools are moving forward, and some workers could find themselves out of a job by next year.

Those plans would specifically involve privatizing custodial and transportation services in the districts.

It has been on the table for weeks, but the Transition Planning Commission unofficially backs the proposal.

Commissioners held an informal poll Thursday night.  The proposal recommendations still have to be adopted by the Unified School Board.

The Commercial Appeal reports that if the new district adopts Shelby County Schools' existing model of contracting custodial services, it could save as much as $25 million a year.

Contracting bus services, like Memphis City Schools does now, could save up to $10 million more a year, and give an extra $6 million boost from selling the county school bus fleet.

In those proposals, contractors would have to hire existing employees based on their background checks and district recommendations.  That would mean about 50 percent of the existing staff could be rehired.

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