Memphis drivers complain speeding tickets are over the top

(WMC-TV) - If it seems like Memphis Police officers are writing a record number of speeding tickets, you are not far off.

Officers write hundreds of tickets a month and bring in more than $1 million for the city.

But what does it all mean for you?

Memphis police say they plan to keep writing the speeding tickets as long as they have the manpower to reduce fatalities.

Since March, Memphis police have been relentless in their presence on the roadways.

"Obviously with the number of tickets that we've written, there was a problem," said Karen Rudolph, Memphis Police Department spokesperson.

"And they say that they're doing it for the safety but how can they be doing for the safety when they're stopping you in the middle of the road," said Memphis driver Gearlean Moore.

Many drivers complain the citations are baseless.

A viewer sent us this photo of a speeding ticket he was issued for going 42 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour zone.

"You're saying you're getting complaints and we're also getting calls from people praising us for being present on the interstate," said Rudolph.

In just more than 100 days, Memphis police have issued 24,000 speeding tickets.

"It's not fair for some people to be already going this speed limit and then it changes real quick and they just get you," said Memphis driver Zachary Holman.

Holman said the traffic division downtown is overcrowded and just paying the $69 court cost to get a citation dismissed is difficult.

"The lines are ridiculous down there already, so you know it's kind of outrageous for them to be writing even more tickets when every day they have hundreds of people down there waiting," said Holman.

"So they're really not dismissing anything because they're still charging you for court cost," agreed Moore.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Tennessee state traffic fatality was at a total of 440, which is 28 more deaths than this time last year. Memphis police say their efforts will continue.

"To make sure that everyone is safe coming home, going to and from work, and commuting through Memphis," said Rudolph.

"If somebody's getting a DUI or something then that's understandable but for somebody who's just going a few miles over I think they could cut a little bit of slack," said Holman.

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