Tenn. lawmaker robbed at gunpoint

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis lawmaker was the victim of a violent robbery. Now he is sharing his story and explaining how technology helped track down his attackers.

After a long day of campaigning, Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell was in his driveway when someone came at him from behind.

"So I drove out of my drive and turned the corner. He had already opened the door and said, 'I have a gun.' At that point, you just give up," said Rep. Kernell.

The attackers grabbed him and threw him out of his car.

"I could not believe that after I'd been thrown to the ground, they took off my pants," he said.

The suspects took off down the street, but Rep. Kernell had an ace in his hole.

"With my new phone, I was able to track it with GPS and actually find the phone and the person who had the phone."

Kernell's campaign aide used his Spring Family Finder to track the suspects' every move.

"And if they were driving down the street, passing addresses and pausing at red lights, you could tell by the time lapse what they were doing," said Melissa Galloway, Kernell Campaign.

For four days, investigators and the campaign office tracked the phone all over Memphis. Every time the suspects used the phone, it sent a ping into cyberspace.

Kernell did not say where the phone was eventually located because he did not want to interfere with the investigation.

"They're ready to take a bullet for us and I think we need to support the police as much as possible," said Kernell.

Meanwhile, people close to Kernell are glad he is here to serve another day.

"His whole life is about the community and working for the people. It's just sad. It breaks my heart," said Galloway.

Police say so far no arrests have been made.

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