Mid-Southerners trying to stay cool during hot summer

(WMC-TV) – Everyone in the Mid-South has one thing in common right now. We're all trying to beat the heat, but some people are finding they can have some fun or send a message while they try and stay cool.

Triple digit temperatures and heat advisories were all things to cheer about for kids keeping cool at the splash zone in Peabody Park.

Meanwhile, Occupy Memphis protestors were also trying to stay cool Downtown.

"Us and Tampa are the only two Occupy's still in existence," said Carrico, one of a handful of people still living outside at Occupy Memphis.

Carrico said daytime temperatures inside the tents top 120 degrees, but after nine months at the encampment, packing up isn't likely.

"We're surviving the heat pretty well," Carrico said. "We get donations, plenty of ice water, lots of trees furnished by the city here to keep us cool."

And while the protestors at Occupy Memphis are outside because of politics, the kids at Peabody Park had no message and needed no extra motivation to be outside.

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