Illegal slot machines found in convenience store

(WMC-TV) - Slot machines aren't illegal unless they pay out in cash.

But seven slot machines found in a Forrest City convenience store are now evidence and sitting in front of the police station.

The Forrest City police department started investigating after getting several complaints from citizens.

"Several complaints unfortunately from winners who never received the money they were supposed to receive," said Forrest City Police Chief Edward Reynolds. "People who had placed large sums of money in those machines."

Police say the owner of the convenience store wasn't too careful about the illegal gambling as they would at times let people just traveling by see the slot machines, play them and get paid off. Other store owners were a little more cautious and only dealt with people they knew.

"It ain't shocking to me," said a local resident. "You know why it just the world you know."

Chief Reynolds says there have also been complaints from customers at other stores.

"Hopefully this will put the message out that we're coming to get you if you continue on with this type of activity," Reynolds said.

Forrest City police have made no arrests and are currently looking for the owner of the convenience store.

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