John Mark Byers gives his West Memphis 3 story in "Untying the Knot"

(WMC-TV) – There is a new war of words in the West Memphis Three saga. Another new book is out about the case, this one by the stepfather of one of the young victims.

John Mark Byers has been both vilified and praised over the past 19 years.

Now he says he's "untying the knot"  around this case by putting his words on paper.

"When you're publicly crucified, that's as bad or worse as in prison," John Mark Byers said.

John Mark Byers comes out swinging in his new book titled Untying the Knot.

"I put out things in this book that you would say oh I got away with," he said.

For years many people thought Byers "got away" with murder. Byers' son Christopher was one of three 8 year old boys murdered in West Memphis in May 1993. In Untying the Knot, Byers gave author Greg Day a firsthand account of life after his son's death.

"At the time we needed someone to hate to survive, our child was dead," Byers said.

Byers focused his anger on the West Memphis Three - the three teenagers charged with killing the boys. But his outrageous rants during HBO's Paradise Lost documentaries portray him as the possible killer, despite no evidence or charges against him.

"I made a great sound bite because of the condition I was in at the time and they took advantage of that," he said.

Byers accepts his role in shaping the public's perception of him.

"I missed the day at school when they teach you how you're supposed to act when your child's murdered," said Byers.

Work on his new book began in 2005 when new DNA evidence surfaced eventually clearing the way for the release of the West Memphis Three. As Byers studied the case, he says it converted him into a West Memphis Three supporter.

"Now, some people say coincidence, some might say supernatural.  I think it's quite unique," he said.

Reader reviews of Untying the Knot accuse Byers of cashing in on the real victims in the case.

"I'm another innocent man, I have been blamed and thrown rocks at and treated like dirt in the public eye. I've been in the public prison," he said.

When asked if making money off of his son's death is a good idea, Byers said, "to be called a sellout, is right there with being accused."

Byers' book is dedicated to the three little boys who died in 1993 - Christopher Byers, Stevie Branch and Michael Moore. Byers believes the West Memphis Three are innocent, and says he's determined to bring the real killer or killers to justice.

You can read an excerpt of "Untying the Knot: John Mark Byers and the West Memphis Three" by clicking on the link:

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