Book gives in depth look at life as Elvis' good friend

Book gives in depth look at life as Elvis' good friend
Nick Adams and Elvis Presley
Nick Adams and Elvis Presley

(WMC-TV) - A new book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the friendship between Elvis and Nick Adams.

In the new release of "The Rebel and the King," Allyson Adams is sharing her father's story with fans. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the friendship and bond he shared with the King of Rock and Roll.

Allyson Adams said her father met Elvis at a popular Memphis recording studio.

"My father came to Fox Studio to audition for a part and he didn't get it, but as he was leaving he saw Elvis. He saw my dad and said, 'Hey Nick,'" she said.

The newly released book called "The Rebel & the King" consists of the original manuscript by Nick Adams about his friendship with Elvis. Allyson discovered it in an old box of memorabilia.

"When I opened the box I got a big surprise because I found this manuscript. I wanted to share it with Elvis fans," she said.

The book is a rare glimpse into her father and Elvis' life. It is presented as a raw manuscript, edited version, and a foreword by Allyson Adams, and unseen photographs.

In the book, Nick Adams writes about his unique experience on a trip with Elvis to Memphis and a Tupelo Homecoming Concert as the singer rose to fame.

"After Elvis wrapped "Love Me Tender", Elvis had his homecoming concert in Tupelo in September so Elvis asked my dad to come along and do his comedic impersonations," Allyson said.

Adams says her dad and Elvis became such good friends, he was treated like family.

"Elvis introduced my dad to his parents. Got the full southern hospitality treatment with the good home cooking and Elvis took him all around Memphis," she said.

Allyson Adams hopes to release the book on Amazon in September.

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