'Edu-tainment center' will replace pizza parlor

'Edu-tainment center' will replace pizza parlor

(WMC-TV) – Incredible Pizza in Hickory Hill is closing. But there are big plans for a replacement.

The pizza parlor and game center was part of the Hickory Ridge Mall's renovation. Now, the Hickory Hill Community Redevelopment Corporation (HHCRC) plans to transform it into a new "edu-tainment" center.

The newly proposed edu-tainment center will help provide an after-school tutorial program and education development for neighboring Hickory Hill elementary schools.

Economic Development Director Jimmy Haley says the economy and the back-to-school seasonal downturn have impacted the Incredible Pizza establishment.

"What they fixing to put there is more helpful for the children as far as their learning abilities and make their skills better in class and stuff like that, so it's kinda okay, but I'm going to miss it," said Lacey Simmons, who lives nearby.

Once the new center opens, children will be allowed to play and participate in fun, food, and games as an incentive for completing homework assignments and improving their grades.

The closure of the Hickory Hill location will not affect Incredible Pizza's Cordova location.

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