Andy's Got Your Back on holiday scam artists

Andy's Got Your Back on holiday scam artists

(WMC TV) - Ever sinister and ever selfish, scam artists see the holidays as the season for taking.

Their prime target:  the elderly.

"Scammers are often using the holidays as a backdrop to solicit people," said U.S. Postal Inspector Lori Groen. "They think people are a little more trusting during that time and a little more giving."

While you visit parents and grandparents, postal inspectors suggested you look for signs that your loved ones are targets.

"First, look for solicitations of sweepstakes...things that say they have won fabulous prizes," Groen said. "Also, look for foreign lotteries. All foreign lotteries through the mail are illegal."

Also, see if your seniors are getting offers for so-called "valuables," like watches, gloves and jewelry.

Work with your elderly loved ones to keep their charitable donations either in the family, with their churches or with charities you can verify through either the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator or your state's charity regulator.

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