Lorenzen Wright’s 911 recordings released

LISTEN: 911 recording

(WMC-TV) - Three years after the mysterious murder of NBA great Lorenzen Wright, the 911 recording has surfaced. The 911 call paints a picture of the last moments of the former NBA player's life.

On July 19, 2010, Germantown police answered the call from Wright's cell phone.

His mother filed a missing persons report to Collierville police, but his body was not found until July 28. He was found dead in a field near Hacks Cross Road and Winchester Road. Wright had been shot multiple times.

The Memphis Police Department ended up taking over the case.

Daniel Lofton and Forrest Craig represent Wright's mother, father, and his estate in a $1.2 million lawsuit against the cities of Germantown, Collierville, and Shelby County.

They say the 911 recording is somewhat of a smoking gun in the case.

"To me, it obviously sounds like gunshots," said attorney Forrest Craig.

The attorneys allege Germantown failed to react properly by only calling the cell phone back. They also accuse Collierville of failing to pursue the missing persons report.

"It was certainly of the highest priority so it needed to be treated that way," said Daniel Lofton.

Court and police documents reveal Wright called 911 from Memphis at the Germantown border.

The cell tower sent the call the Germantown.

The family's attorneys say the lawsuit addresses the confusion.

"The handling of the 911 calls and the jurisdiction and boundary issues," said Craig.

Officials in Germantown, Collierville, and Shelby County say they cannot comment on the case since the investigation is still open. It is being investigated by MPD, who also did not offer a comment.

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