'Damsel in Defense' kit includes items to protect women

(Source: damselindefense.net)
(Source: damselindefense.net)

(WMC) – Enough is enough. That is the message from a woman who is working to get more self-defense products sold at college and high school campuses.

The "Damsel in Defense" group has a simple mission: to equip, empower, and educate women.

"I got tired of hearing our women and young women being murdered and missing and raped and this is affordable and this can be something everyone can have in their arsenal to help them," Toni Orange, Damsel in Defense, said.

The "Damsel in Defense" kit includes things like a stun gun and pepper spray with a UV dye, which can help police officers identify an attacker up to two weeks after the person is sprayed. The kit also contains a door stop that you can slip under a door to keep it from opening. It sets off its own alarm.

To learn more about the "Damsel in Defense" kit, click here: http://www.damselindefense.net/

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