Wharton reveals large grant during town hall meeting

Wharton reveals large grant during town hall meeting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A sizable grant is coming to Memphis to help fight youth violence and Mayor A C Wharton spilled the beans Thursday while responding to critics.

"It is an emergency," said Wharton of the current youth violence situation.

The mayor's office of youth services recently held a series of forums. However, he said he only made one promise in the wake of highly publicized youth violence.

"I said 'we're going to listen to the young people, we're going to listen to the neighborhoods, and then we will come up with a comprehensive plan,'" said Wharton.

The plan includes a major grant that is already in hand.

"And I don't mean $50,000," said Wharton. "I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Critics said youth violence is a problem at which you can't just throw money. But Wharton believes time is also needed for new initiatives to work. He will reveal his comprehensive youth violence plan in early December.

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