Quadruple amputee sought in parents' murder commits suicide during traffic stop

Wanted Quadruple amputee committs suicide in Memphis
(Photo Source: Orange County Sheriff's Office)
(Photo Source: Orange County Sheriff's Office)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - At first it looked like a normal traffic stop, witnesses say, until the first police officer at the driver's window immediately turned around, walked back to his squad car, and started putting up yellow crime scene tape to block off the street.

Sources say Orange County sheriff's investigators wanted to talk to Sean Petrozzino about the murder of his parents. Nancy, 64, and Mike Petrozzino, 63, were murdered in their home one week ago. But before police could talk to him, Petrozzino shot and killed himself on Vandalia Street in Memphis' Binghampton neighborhood.

"It was a little red car and the police were right behind him," said witness Mack Hull. "I was right there. I could just see the car pass because I was saying to myself, 'It look like that guy don't wanna stop,' you know?"

Hull recalled that the car was going slow, 20 miles an hour at most, and kept driving for about two blocks before finally stopping.

According to MPD, an officer tried to pull the driver over for making an illegal u-turn.

"It was just blue lights everywhere," said Mike Fisher, who owns a business in the area. "I figured it was either a big drug bust or it was either somebody done killed somebody, you know?"

Orange County Sheriff's Office dispatched homicide investigators to Memphis.

Sean Petrozzino was a quadruple amputee, who had his hands and feet amputated as a teenager after battling meningitis. Church members raised more than $16,000 to help with his medical bills.

Police have not said why Petrozzino was in Memphis.

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