Memphis named third most dangerous city in America

Memphis named third most dangerous city in America

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Newly-released data by the FBI ranks Memphis as the third most dangerous city in America, falling in line behind Detroit, Michigan and Oakland, California.

FBI says even though Memphis ranks high on the list, the city actually decreased its violent crime rate by more than 5 percent in the last year.

The FBI study looks at statistics from 2013, but in 2014 the city has been plagued with a string of teen mob attacks.

Tuesday night, a UPS driver says a group of six teens attacked him. They threw rocks and eggs at him as he delivered a package on Sledge Avenue. He wasn't injured, and he says he feels the teens were pulling a prank more so than being vicious.

In September, a teen mob attacked shoppers and employees at a Memphis Kroger. There have been a few other instances since then of teens kicking and attacking bystanders.

Rosalind Withers owns a photo gallery on Beale Street. "It's very upsetting," said Withers.

City councilman Harold Collins says the city needs to do more to fix the problem.

"To commit violent acts or to, in these cases, become mobs and attack innocent individuals, then they have to be held accountable immediately, and that's something that we're not doing," said Collins.

Wednesday, city council chairman Jim Strickland sent residents a letter claiming that more aggressive policing, stronger state laws, and a better overall environment for kids will reduce crime in Memphis. He said Mayor A C Wharton's arguments for more midnight basketball and stopping Friday night football games are not enough.

Residents and business owners like Rosalind Withers say they simply want to see change.

We reached out to Mayor A C Wharton's office Wednesday for a response on the city's crime ranking and his reaction to councilman Jim Strickland's notes. As of our deadline, the mayor did not respond.

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