WMC Action News 5's Joe Birch sits down with Rob Lowe

WMC Action News 5's Joe Birch sits down with Rob Lowe

Hollywood heart-throb Rob Lowe has had a few laughs lately, making fun of his good looks.

The actor visited Memphis to speak at the Methodist Healthcare Foundation's luncheon, which raises money to help in the fight against cancer. Lowe sat down with WMC Action News 5's Joe Birch to talk about a series of unique commercials.

The commercials in question differentiate Rob Lowe, who has DirecTV, and some less-desirable versions of Rob Lowe, who have cable.

"Without question, more people will see these and have seen them than will have seen the totality of everything that I've ever done in four decades," Lowe commented.

He won a standing ovation when he stepped on The Peabody's stage for the sold-out luncheon. The star promised that "creepy Rob Lowe" would not appear, but admitted "socially awkward Rob Lowe is inside me, however."

Lowe says the ads have proven so popular, he just shot five new ones with an ad agency.

"Together, we came up with this concept," explained Lowe. "I have to say, a lot of the writing is theirs. They're really, really smart. Then, I got to figure out the characters."

"Hairy was the worst," Lowe recalled, referring to the commercial in which he played "crazy hairy" Rob Lowe. "Not to gross you out more than you already are having seen it, but it was actual human hair."

Now 50-years-old, Lowe has made a mark on network television and in the movies since age 9. But he said these ads, which run constantly during NFL games, have become his calling card.

"I've had feedback from you name it-- Dustin Hoffman the other day. I'm thinking, 'There's a guy who knows what's what,'" Lowe said. He added that Hoffman loves the ads. "So just goes to show you. What about some of my movies, bro?"

Lowe says there are 10 versions of himself by his last count.

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