FedEx driver caught on camera throwing package on a porch

FedEx driver caught on camera throwing package on a porch

ARLINGTON, TN (WMC) - A FedEx driver was caught on camera flinging a delivery against a suburban Memphis door.

"I was astonished," said Stacey Martin.

Martin and her family were glad the delivery was not delicate.

"Thankfully, it was just a t-shirt, it wasn't anything breakable," said Martin. "If it had been, FedEx would have been expected to replace it."

Martin and her husband caught the Wednesday afternoon delivery on their home surveillance system, and say their son actually heard the box strike the door.

"And I have a long history with FedEx, we have an account and I've never had a problem," said Martin. "But apparently, this guy was in a hurry."

The Martins posted the video on their Facebook pages and plenty of comments followed. Some defended the driver, while others said the holiday rush was no excuse.

FedEx issued the following statement:

"We are very disappointed to see this video. This behavior falls far short of what is expected. FedEx companies transport millions of packages in a professional manner every day, and the conduct of this driver does not reflect the dedication and respect we have for our customers."

The Martins won't let this delivery ruin their holidays or their loyalty to FedEx. A supervisor called them to apologize, and even shared his number in case of future problems.

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