Investigators follow new lead in Jessica Chambers murder case

Investigators follow new lead in Jessica Chambers murder case

PANOLA CO, MS (WMC) - It was another agonizing night without answers for residents of the small Mississippi town where Jessica Chambers lived before she was burned to death.

But just three days after her funeral, investigators are tracking new leads.

"I called the sheriff's department and I told them everything that I knew," said tipster Ray McClenic. "I said, 'What y'all are looking for, I don't know what kind of vehicle.' I said, 'But it's got really, really loud pipes on it.'"

McClenic said he heard a vehicle driving fast down his street the night Jessica Chambers was discovered burning next to her car in Courtland, Mississippi more than one week ago.

This is just one of many tips investigators are working on.

"Information is coming in to us really slowly, very, very slowly," said District Attorney John Champion. "But we're getting some information. I don't know if it's attributed to the reward or not."

Champion expects the reward for information to increase to close to $30,000, much of it coming from private locations.

Investigators went to the home belonging to Bryan Rudd's parents. Rudd, who now lives in Iowa, used to date Chambers in high school.

"When we found out that Jessica had passed, I put something on my page, my Facebook page," said Rudd's mother, Theresa Fleming. "It was a picture of Jessica."

Investigators said they visited Fleming's home to look for information, looking for anything that might help reveal how 19-year-old Jessica Chambers was killed.

Investigators do have more people they want to question in this case.

If you know anything, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-729-2169 or call the Panola County Sheriff's Department.

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