High school student crashes car into East Memphis house

High school student crashes car into East Memphis house

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - No need for caffeine, homeowner Doug Golightly and his wife got a boost out of bed Thursday morning.

The family, who lives at a home on South Perkins, woke up to the sound of a car crashing into their front porch around 7 a.m.

"I was just getting up and getting dressed and hadn't had my coffee yet," said Golightly.

White Station High School junior Justin Shaw was driving on South Perkins with his classmate in the car, when he says he lost control of his black Mazda 6 after another car swerved into his lane.

"I kind of like jerked the car back ... then hit the curb, went into a tail spin, and ran into these people's yard," said Shaw.

Shaw drove through two other yards, losing his front bumper along the way, and narrowly missing a large tree after swerving off of Perkins.

"I had my eyes open the whole time and I really thought we were going to hit the tree, but we missed it thank God," added Shaw.

It's not the first accident Golightly has seen in the area, who says people drive too fast in the area.

"I've seen this before but it's never happened to my house," noted Golightly.

Police cited Shaw for failure to maintain his vehicle. He and Golightly eventually shook hands, both grateful things didn't turn out worse.

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