Firefighters rescue dog from drainage canal

Firefighters rescue dog from drainage canal
(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis firefighters, once again, saved a life.

A dog was stuck in a drainage canal this week, but firefighters jumped into action and were able to pull the dog to safety.

Officers and neighbors alike erupted into applause after the dog was rescued from the ditch off of Marianna Street in Orange Mound.

"He was down there for three to five days," explained neighbor Shirley Murrell.

Murrell says she heard noises in the drainage ditch near her home for several days. Sunday afternoon, she went outside to take a look and realized where the whining sounds were coming from.

Murrell, afraid the ditch would fill up with water during the next rainstorm, called the police to help.

"He probably went down there and got trapped and couldn't get out and couldn't find his way back out," said Murrell.

Firefighters, police officers, and animal control officers all arrived on the scene, and within minutes, firefighters put a ladder in the ditch and climbed down to pull the dog to safety.

"It was a good sight to see that they got the dog from down there," Murrell added.

Murrell would like to adopt the dog, which is currently in the care of Memphis Animal Shelter.

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