ONLY ON 5: Girl fight attack victim says her voice is 'finally being heard'

Girl finds benefit after White Station High School beating

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The student who was stomped by girls in cell phone video of a fight that happened at White Station High School says bullying led to her being brutally attacked.

WMC Action News 5 brought her concerns about bullying to Shelby County Schools' attention.

says because of the video and media coverage, her voice is finally being heard.

"I talked to doctors and they asked me how my head was feeling. It's like my vision was going in and out," she said.

The student says a clique of girls randomly pick targets to jump and harass.

SCS leaders got together Thursday to address the issues that the ninth grader and her mom say could have been prevented.

The teen says she was ignored for months after reporting bullying to school leaders.

"I wanted them to sit all of us down in one room to talk about it, but they never did. She just constantly sent me back to class."

The bullied student said, "They were making verbal threats and, like, bumping into me. Throwing things at me at school and making statements and comments online."

Although the student and her mother say they made multiple attempts, SCS says that's not true.

SCS officials said in a statement:

In regards to the recent allegations, the staff previously investigated the situation and found no evidence to substantiate any claims of bullying. Even after their investigation, a series of interventions was implemented to address student and parent concerns that included counseling sessions and parent conferences with multiple students.

On Thursday, SCS leaders from the student support and safety departments came together to focus on the bullying problem across the district.

They say fight numbers are down and they are working hard to ensure it stays that way.

"Often we will get information from other students that says this is going on and they will go to a counselor or a teacher who they trust and that's what we really try to do with our students," said Randall McPherson, Department of Student Support.

SCS announced a prevention program launching next year that would bring more monitors into the school.

The ninth grade student said because of this tape and media coverage, the harassment she experienced is finally being exposed .

"I feel like my voice is being heard."

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