Mark Giannini allowed out on bond

Mark Giannini allowed out on bond

Mark Giannini, a local businessman, sat in court and listened as his banker testified that the money he had in the bank did not come from illegal activities.

His attorney, William Massey, said two days of testimony about his client's money seems excessive.

"This is a man that has a very successful business. He was raised up in this country. He has a number of accounts, as businessmen do," Massey explained.

"He has over $900,000 in his banking account," Carolyn Wade-Blackett, County Criminal Court Judge, said. "I think it is fair and relevant that the state be allowed to ask where that money came from."

Giannini's attorney said Tennessee law requires investigation into the source of bond money if the bond exceeds $100,000.

Judge Blackett ruled that Giannini's money is legal and legitimate. He will have to wear an ankle bracelet, turn over his passport and any weapons, and have a curfew.

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