School board member wants more options when it comes to teaching your child about creation

A Shelby County school board member wants more options when it comes to teaching your child about creation. His solution is one that's caused controversy in other parts of the south. Shelby County School Board members are considering whether or not to put a disclaimer on Biology books. It's a move one board member hopes will inform students about alternate theories to evolution. On the cover, one Biology book seems straight forward. But for one Shelby County School Board Member, its theory of how things were created is too limited. Wyatt Bunker, Shelby Co. School Board said, "Our textbook teaches evolution in such a way it promotes it as fact." That's why Bunker wants to put a sticker on each book informing students of other views of creation. "I would say to them there are other theories, there are other theologies you need to keep in mind." The sticker would say among other things, "There are many scientific and religious theories about the nature and diversity of living things." A similar message caused sticker shock in one Georgia School District. A judge ordered them removed. But Bunker says the sticker in Shelby County would not promote Christianity. "If it were to establish a religion then I wouldn't promote it because it would violate the Constitution." Other board members say the issue took them by surprise. It's an issue that will be pursued cautiously. David Pickler, School Board President said, "It's very early in the process. We have to see what direction we want to go, if it meets constitutional standards and whether the Shelby County Board of Education should spend time and effort to pursue it." Pickler went on to say, the district teaches a Bible course that meets constitutional standards. It took three years to develop. He expects the board to approach this issue in the same manner. Right now, the issue has been tabled.