Sister of man accused of killing police officer claims self defense

Sister of man accused of killing police officer claims self defense

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The family of a man accused of shooting and killing a Memphis police officer said there is more to the story.

Tremaine Wilbourn turned himself in to U.S. Marshals after an intense manhunt.

One of Wilbourn's friends said that he planned to run to Mexico, but his grandmother convinced him to turn himself in.

"We was (sic) just worried about him," Wilbourn's sister, Callie Watkins, said. "We knew it wasn't going to end pretty if he would have fought it out. I'm just glad he turned himself in."

Wilbourn is accused of killing Memphis police officer Sean Bolton Saturday night in a Parkway Village neighborhood.  However, Watkins said people have the wrong idea about her brother.

"He ain't a coward," Watkins said. "He was defending himself."

Police said Wilbourn was a passenger in a car parked the wrong way. Watkins said Officer Bolton got angry when the driver ran away.  Then, things got violent between Wilbourn and Bolton.

"The police was (sic) out there roughing him up to, you know how they do--trying to do you any kind of way," Watkins explained.

Bolton was the only officer on the scene when he was shot several times.

"I'm not sure whose gun it was," Watkins added.

Investigators said Wilbourn, a convicted bank robber on probation, ran after the shooting. He then allegedly carjacked the owner of a silver Honda.

"Tremaine ain't a bad person," Watkins said. "Things happen; things happen."

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