Tremaine Wilbourn booked, scheduled for court Wednesday

Tremaine Wilbourn booked, scheduled for court Wednesday
Tremaine Wilbourn (Source: MPD)
Tremaine Wilbourn (Source: MPD)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The man accused of shooting and killing a Memphis police officer is behind bars on a $9 million bond.

Tremaine Wilbourn was booked into the Shelby County Jail before the sun came up Tuesday morning.

Wilbourn will appear before a Shelby County judge via video arraignment Wednesday.

Defense lawyer Juni Ganguli, who is not Wilbourn's attorney, said Wilbourn does not have much of a case.

"If he's convicted of first degree murder, he will spend his life in custody," Ganguli said.

Wilbourn had been on the run since Saturday. That's when police said he shot and killed officer Sean Bolton before carjacking a person driving a silver Honda.

"If he's convicted, I would think the chances of him serving the death penalty would be very high," Ganguli said.

Monday police believed they were closing in on Wilbourn, but his family convinced him to turn himself in before things turned violent.

Wilbourn's family is standing by him, saying he was defending himself that night.

"The police was (sic) out there roughing him up too. You know how they do--trying to do you any kind of way," Wilbourn's sister Callie Watkins said.

However Wilbourn's history is far from clean. He's been convicted of bank robbery and aggravated robbery on different occasions. Plus, he violated his probation back in 2014.

Now, Wilbourn faces charges of first-degree murder.

The reward for Wilbourn's capture was reportedly at almost $50,000. Since Wilbourn turned himself in, there is no reward for his capture. The city received many donations from private donors, but since the donations had not yet been collected, they will not need to be returned.

"Legally, there is no self-defense. I say that because legally, as a convicted felon, a person cannot under any circumstances possess a firearm," Ganguli said.

Later this week, thousands of people will turn out to show their support for the man Wilbourn is accused of killing.

Officer Sean Bolton's visitation is set for Wednesday at 6 at Hope Presbyterian Church. His funeral will be Thursday at Bellevue Baptist Church starting at 11 a.m.

"He ran into a guy that made up his mind that 'I'm on parole and I do not want to go back to jail and even if I have to kill a police officer to prevent that, I'm willing to do that,'" Ganguli said.

***EDITORS NOTE: Wilbourn's court date was originally reported as 8/4. The story has been changed to reflect the correct date of 8/5

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