Woman kidnapped, fights off potential rape by fake good Samaritan

Woman kidnapped, fights off potential rape by fake good Samaritan
Michael Love (Source: MPD)
Michael Love (Source: MPD)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man pretending to lend a helping hand to a woman who ran out of gas is in jail, charged with kidnapping and trying to rape the woman.

Investigators said Michael Love saw the victim pushing her car, after she ran out of gas and offered to drive her to the nearest gas station.

"For somebody to stop out of their time and come help me, I would be very grateful," said LaBajah Sheppard.

Sheppard said that would be her immediate reaction if she found herself stranded on the side of the road and someone acted as a good Samaritan.

However, Love was anything but.

The police affidavit said Love drove the woman to a dead end street, pulled her out of the car and tried to take her clothes off and rape her.

"He offered to help her, so she's probably not thinking he's going to do what he did. She's probably not thinking anything bad of him probably." Sheppard said.

The woman wouldn't stand for it; she fought back.

Police said the woman's decision to fight back might have been the key to saving her life.

Investigators said when the victim fought back, Love drove off, leaving her in the middle of the street.

"These days you've got all types of people out there doing all types of things, so you can't be too careful," said Reginald Echols.

Police recovered the woman's cell phone and took finger prints that led them to Love. She later identified him in a photo lineup.

According to the affidavit, there are currently four rape cases against him.

"I was raised never to get in the car with strangers. I would just wait or go to someplace where I could use a phone if I don't have one on me," Sheppard said.

Love is scheduled to face a judge Tuesday. He is currently in jail on a $2 million bond.

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