20 most dangerous products found at school

20 most dangerous products found at school

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - From new teachers to new friends, there are plenty of things to be concerned about as your child goes back to school. But even in the best schools there are dangers, often hiding in plain sight, which may surprise you.

From infrastructure to classroom supplies, products in schools cause more than 60,000 injuries each year.

Even though manufacturers are doing their best to improve the safety of school products, this number does not appear to be dropping. Although most of these injuries are accidental, HealthGrove listed the potential dangers you and your children should be aware of.

The list of the most dangerous products in schools is ranked by average number of non-sports related injuries in schools per year to help you understand what potentially dangerous products your child might meet on a daily basis.

Below you'll find the list from 2011. Click here to see the the full list.

#20. Irons and Heaters

#19. Scissors

#18. Luggage

#17. Chemicals (Incl. Paint, Cleaning and Fertilizer)

#16. Footwear

#15. Non-Power Tools

#14. Bicycles

#13. Power Tools

#12. Fences

#11. Knives

Click here to see the the full list.

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