Man wants U.S. Marshal reprimanded after video of gun pointed at him

Video of marshal pointing gun at bystander gaining traction on social media

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A U.S. Marshal is receiving threats after a Facebook post of marshals taking a suspect into custody received a lot of attention on social media.

The cell phone video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, shows the suspect, Bobby Gibbs, being taken into custody without incident.

As Gibb's family member Corterian Wright videotapes the takedown, a marshal points his rifle at Wright.

You can see the light from the officer's mount reflecting in the lens of the camera. Wright asked the officer why he was holding the gun on him, and the marshal replied that Wright could shoot him.

The U.S. Marshal's Office released this statement:

"Members of our task force were there to arrest a fugitive wanted for several violent felonies including Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated kidnapping.  The fugitive was in an apartment which posed an unknown threat to task force members
on the scene.  As the fugitive emerged from the residence, he was taken into custody.  In accordance with USMS policy, task force members secured the scene until the fugitive was secure and transported.  Once the fugitive was transported, task force members
left the area."

While the marshal's bosses said he followed policy, the man behind the camera wants a reprimand.

"It was like 12 officers in all," said Corterian Wright, who filmed the video. "Out of 12, 11 were very professional."

Wright said he was mostly worried about Gibbs' pregnant fiancé, Lafestia Keely.

"I was afraid for my life," Keely said.

The U.S. Marshal's Office said the suspect was wanted for "several violent felonies, including aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping," and that "the fugitive was in an apartment which posed an unknown threat to task force members."

"I know it's proper procedures for them to make sure they're secured and safe, but after they secured my nephew and put him in the car, you made a statement by keeping your gun pointed and you turned your light on me," Wright said.

"Everyone had their hands up," Keely said.

'Black Lives' advocate Tami Sawyer called the incident "pure intimidation." She is now calling for a complete training overhaul for U.S. Marshals.

"When you were done messing with them, you turned your back on them," Sawyer said. "He didn't back up with the gun. He turned around and got in the car. So how afraid were you really?"

Former West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert's son, who was also a police officer, died in a traffic stop. Paudert said nobody was hurt, and Gibbs' family should have just stayed inside the house.

"We're being ambushed constantly around this country," Paudert said. "They've got to take precautions. I think they did exactly what they should do so they could go home at night."

Still, Wright wants the marshal reprimanded.

"They're going to wait until somebody's killed and then take action?" he asked.

For a full copy of the U.S. Marshals Service policies, click here.

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