MPD officers caught in act of kindness

MPD officers caught in act of kindness

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A kind act by two Memphis police officers is being shared on social media by someone who caught them in action.

Chris Bawcum snapped a picture of two MPD officers talking to a homeless man at the Sonic restaurant at Poplar Avenue and East Parkway. The story he told to go with the photo is what is grabbing people's attention.

"I noticed a homeless man having a little breakdown privately while sitting at a table. Before I realized what was going on two Memphis Police officers (see photo...I swear one could be an NFL line backer)...arrived and calmly spoke with the gentleman. After the officer spoke with the homeless man (not in the picture for his privacy) for a while...the officers each individually shook his hand and spoke to him with respect and dignity not causing a scene."

The two officers--identified as Bryant Brooks and Brian Knowles--said what happened next is something they do every day, but it still caused Bawcum to tear up.

"During the conversation one of the officers ordered the man some food and a drink. When food arrived BOTH officers reached into their pockets and bought this man lunch. While I might add...this is all happening in Memphis....I want to point out that the two MPD officer are African American gentleman and the homeless man is a white man about late thirties/ early forties. I was able to briefly tell the officers what an amazing thing they did as they were leaving in their cars. They were both very humble and mentioned they do this for several men in patrol area and often check up on them...especially during this time of year so close to Christmas."

This simple act of kindness to someone in need as the holidays approach is just one way these two officers serve and protect their community.

"These are officers in one of the most dangerous cities in America that are very underpaid...reaching into their own pockets to buy food for a homeless man. And I was told they do this often! These gentleman are out protecting us and doing God's work at the same time!"

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