Attorney: Hogtying contributed to Widespread Panic fan's death

Autopsy released in Southaven man's death

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - Troy Goode's attorney, Tim Edwards, revealed the autopsy findings surrounding Goode's death.

Edwards said Goode went to Southaven for a Widespread Panic concert but left before the concert started.

Edwards said Goode took LSD with 7-8 friends in a parking lot near Snowden Grove Amphitheater. He began feeling claustrophobic, and his wife drove him away from the concert.

When their car got to Goodman Road, Goode jumped out of the car and started running through a field. That's when someone called police, thinking there was a domestic situation.

Southaven police showed up with a canine. Edwards said there was an exchange of words and the dog was let loose on Goode.

Edwards said police strapped Goode face down onto a stretcher as witnesses watched him struggle to catch his breath. He was taken to the hospital, but his condition was not treated as an emergency.

"He was suffocating; his heart increased to what is known as tachycardia: trying to cope for the loss of oxygen," Edwards said.

Edwards said it took more than 30 minutes for a doctor to see Goode after he arrived at the hospital. 15 to 20 minutes after the doctor left, a police officer told hospital personnel that Goode stopped breathing. Edwards said this is when the shackles were removed.

Edwards said autopsy results found that Goode, who was asthmatic, "died from cardiac arrhythmia precipitated as a result of being hogtied for roughly an hour."

He said there was no basis to attribute his death to LSD and Goode had no previous medical treatment for his asthma.

Edwards said the way Goode was put into the ambulance is illegal and they are planning to file a civil lawsuit.

For a full transcript of Edwards' press conference, click here.

The City of Southaven issued a statement and said they are waiting for the final autopsy results from the State of Mississippi and offered their condolences to the family and friends of Goode. However, they noted that they believe the officers responded appropriately given the matter and said Goode continued to be in an "agitated combative state."

"This is a tragic situation and we understand the sensitivity of this matter. Also, the City of Southaven is waiting on the official autopsy results; however, given some of the inaccurate assertions that have been circulated, the City of Southaven believed it appropriate to provide a statement on the matter. The men and women of the City of Southaven EMS and Police were faced with a difficult situation and handled Mr. Goode's arrest in a manner that officers and emergency personnel deemed appropriate and necessary for the safety of Mr. Goode and all persons involved."

To read the full response from the City of Southaven, click here.

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