Woman uses Facebook to search for man who saved her life

Woman uses Facebook to search for man who saved her life

TIPPAH CO, MS (WMC) - A survivor of the deadly storms in Mississippi said she had a stranger to thank for her life.

The woman, Mona Ables, took to Facebook Wednesday night after storms ripped through Tippah County. She wanted to thank the man, but didn't know how to find him. In just 11 hours, the post had over 12,000 shares.

In her post, she said she was traveling down Highway 72 when she saw a tornado headed straight for her.

She jumped out of her car and ran to a nearby house to ask for help, but the man inside wouldn't let her in.

She then said a man pulled up in a small pickup truck and huddled with her as they tried to take shelter.

At one point, she even said the man covered her as debris hit them, risking his own safety. Once the storm passed, the two didn't have a scratch on them.

She said the man's name is Joe Gibson and she'd like to find him to thank him for saving her life.

Ables ended the post by saying "Thankful to be alive tonight."

Later, she clarified that the door looked like it was blocked and she startled the man when she banged on the window. She said the man's daughter contacted her and said if it wasn't for Ables, the family wouldn't have known about the tornado. The man's daughter credits Ables with saving her father and her younger siblings

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