Violent weekend makes Memphians uneasy

Violent weekend makes Memphians uneasy

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The city of Memphis is shaken up after four homicides occurred in just two days.

Violence began Friday night around 11:00 when 53-year-old Gerald Holloway was shot and killed on Staten Street. Police said Holloway was walking down the street with two other men when four men tried to rob him. When he tried to run, he was shot and killed.

"He was a loving dad," Holloway's daughter Sherika McFarland said. "He helped everyone out."

McFarland said her father was a strong man who raised her and her four siblings on his own. She said he worked hard for everything and her family is in shock something like this could happen.

"He raised us," she said. "Walked to the store when it was cold outside, snow on the ground, He was going to go get what we needed to be comfortable in our home."

"It's scary. Every time I walk out my door I'm looking around the corner. I won't walk my dog without a gun," one neighbor said.

Saturday morning, 22-year-old Joe Fifer and 26-year-old Tamara Davis were killed inside Tulane Apartments.  Police have not released any information on what led up to the shooting.

In the last attack, 50-year-old Lonnie Ludvigson was shot and killed on Prescott Street. Neighbors said that shooting was completely random, as he was visiting Memphis.

"We heard shots and ducked down," one neighbor said.

At 3:45 Saturday afternoon, neighbors said Ludvigson walked out to his car when four men pulled up in a blue Mazda and tried to rob him. The victim was shot when he tried to run away.

A neighbor who lived just two doors down heard the altercation, came outside and began shooting back at the robbers, striking one of them. The men then left in the Mazda.

"Guy was not even here one day and lost his life," the neighbor said. "He was just passing through. It could have been me. It was right outside my door."

Neighbors said the blue Mazda was seen speeding down the street and a man ran behind it with a gun. They said what upsets them the most is the victim is from Iowa and was staying here as a part of Airbnb.

"It makes me feel like leaving," the neighbor said.

Residents said they do not feel safe in Memphis anymore.

"Are there any good places to move to?" one resident of the Tulane Apartments said. "I don't think so. You're picky about what stores you go to. Everything you do. I'm tired of looking over my shoulder."

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