Waffle House employees use cooking supplies to fix hair

Waffle House employees use cooking supplies to fix hair

FORREST CITY, AR (WMC) - Waffle House employees in Forrest City, Arkansas, were seen using a pot and stove to fix one employees hair.

The incident was caught on camera. The employees pull the hair out of the water and dry it with a towel while customers across the counter watch. Ketchup and other condiments can be seen just feet from where they are standing.

Tuesday morning, the health department sent an inspector to the Waffle House to do a complete assessment of the facility.

Inspectors reported violations including employees not using hygienic practices.

Customers were shocked when shown the video.

"That was pretty gross," one customer said. "To think they would be that bold to do it in front of customers."

Waffle House did not reply to a request for comment.

"They should definitely take a stand on it. They need to show the customers that is something they won't tolerate."

The health department said the store will remain open as managers make the necessary changes to ensure the restaurant meets all health and safety codes.

Some customers said the video will make them think twice before eating at the location again.

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