Neighbor attempts to save AirBNB traveler murdered in Memphis

Neighbor attempts to save AirBNB traveler murdered in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An Iowa man was in Memphis for less than 24 hours when he was murdered over the weekend.

A good Samaritan tried to save the visitor's life.

"I started giving him CPR, but it was pointless," said the man. "Because he was already gone."

The man is still afraid of the gunman who murdered 48-year-old Lonnie Ludvigson and didn't want to use his name.

He said he did his best to try and save the Iowa native.

"I had to try," said the good Samaritan. "It was better than sitting there or not doing anything."

Ludvigson was killed during an apparent robbery attempt last Saturday afternoon in the 700 block of South Prescott.

"I don't think anything other than being random," said the man.

Ludvigson had rented a room through the popular travel site AirBNB and was in Memphis only about half a day before he was killed.

According to his obituary, he was driving cross country for an internet shipping company.

"It's just scary that something happened so close to home," said the man who tried to save Ludvigson. "Because I was out at my car about 10 minutes before that happened."

Neighbors said they heard nearly 10 shots before finding Ludvigson lying in the grass.

Three men in a blue Mazda were seen speeding away. One was still armed with a gun.

"My hope is that they catch these guys that did it and they put them behind bars where they deserve to be," said the good Samaritan. "Because they obviously don't care about anybody and probably don't even care about themselves."

Here's a statement the Ludvigson family sent us from Iowa:

"Lonnie was a loving and kind person who didn't hate anybody or anything.  He was accepting of all people no matter their race, religion or life circumstances. Lonnie enjoyed his job, mainly because it afforded him the opportunity to travel the country and share in the lives of so many good, kind people. In his memory he would want everyone to try to at least start with tolerance and work towards love.

Our hearts break for all of the other families who lost loved ones in these tragic and senseless acts. We pray for the police to bring the offender(s) to justice so that we can all start healing."
Kindest Regards,
Nicole Ludvigson

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