SCS creates 'Project Graduation' to help students finish school

SCS creates 'Project Graduation' to help students finish school

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A new program is helping Shelby County Schools students get back on track.

SCS is working to make sure every child finishes high school. To help, they're adding night classes to help students.

"I want to be an audio engineer," Jaquarrious Hunt, a senior at Hamilton High School, said. "I'm trying to graduate, so I can go to college and make a whole lot of money."

Hunt is taking part in a new program called Project Graduation.

One out of every four SCS students drops out without graduating. SCS leaders hope Project Graduation can help reduce the number of drop outs.

"We already know that once you get behind it's more difficult to catch up," Messick Adult Center Principal Rochelle Griffin said.

In 2016, SCS added two night school locations to give high school kids like Hunt a chance to catch up.

At each location, any SCS student can attend free of charge.

"All of these classes are being held at night from 3:30-7:30 or 4:30-8:30," Griffin said.

SCS also has a new software aimed at identifying reasons kids drop out. The data is based on research from drop outs dating back to five years ago. They use the data to try and catch the warning signs early, and address the issues with students.

"If it's a behavioral issue, we have professionals ready to step in," student behavior manager Randy McPherson said. "So much of what impacts attendance is happening in the community and at home."

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