Mother of Darrius Stewart: Officer Schilling doesn't deserve retirement

Mother of Darrius Stewart says Officer Schilling doesn't deserve retirement

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - About two dozen supporters gathered at City Hall to listen to the mother of Darrius Stewart speak about what is next in getting justice for her son.

After just three years on the force, Officer Connor Schilling, the man who shot and killed 19-year-old Stewart in July 2015 in the line of duty, retired from the force. He will receive $2,200 per month as a part of his retirement.

"Why do they owe him something for killing my son?" Stewart asked.

Schilling was facing an administrative hearing over violations of MPD procedure following the incident. Had he completed the hearing, it is possible he may have been terminated.

Stewart's mother said she wants Schilling charged with first-degree murder.

"Connor Schilling being charged with first degree murder--the crime that he committed. He didn't commit voluntary manslaughter; he committed first-degree murder," Mary Stewart said.

Some supporters held signs asking questions such as, "Retirement plan for murder?"

Schilling's retirement plan became active April 1. He was granted a line of duty retirement from the pension board following reports filed by two separate doctors stating the officer was disabled either mentally or physically.

"That's what they award Connor Schilling, as if he was a hometown hero," Stewart said. "He didn't deserve it nor did he earn it."

Last week, Stewart family attorney Carlos Moore called the retirement money a "modern-day lynching."

The case was investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and handed over to a grand jury, which decided not to indict Schilling.

The Department of Justice could still review the case and bring legal action against Schilling and MPD.

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