Sneak Peek: Zambezi River Hippo Camp to open at Memphis Zoo

Inside look at Zambezi River

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An ambitious and technologically loaded $22 million exhibit at Memphis Zoo is set to open to the public.

Zambezi River Hippo Camp officially opens April 29.

The exhibit features Hippopotamus, crocodiles, and other African animals.

"I can't wait to go in and see all of the things," first grader Trey Roark said.

Three hippos, including a brand new male, are already enjoying their new home. The hippos are enclosed in an exhibit that features 200,000 gallons of temperature controlled water.

The temperature controls give Memphis Zoo the ability to keep the hippos on exhibit even during colder days.

The new hippo exhibit features multiple viewing locations from below and above. You can watch the hippos lounge around in the sand or take a dip in their own pool.

"You're going to be able to get nose-to-nose with the hippos," Memphis Zoo marketing and communications manager Laura Doty said.

But the hippos aren't the only animals featured in the new exhibit. You'll also get close to one of the best underwater hunters in the history of creation: Nile crocodiles.

The zoo boasts four crocodiles, ranging from 9 feet long to a whopping 13 feet long. Just like the hippos, visitors will have multiple vantage points to observe the powerful crocks.

Plus, during feeding time, you may even catch them diving down in their pool, building up momentum, and blasting upward out of their pool to catch dinner.

There's plenty more animals on exhibit in the Zambezi River Hippo Camp, but you'll have to go experience it for yourself.

In addition to all the animals, you'll find Zambezi arts and culture sprinkled throughout the exhibit.

Children can play on authentic drums or wear Zambezi masks. The cultural additions are all part of Memphis Zoo's dedication to education. You'll learn about the economics that drive Africa, as well as the thriving culture.

The zoo said the exhibit is its most ambitious exhibit to date. Memphis Zoo is even rolling out some new technological advances to enhance zoo visitors' experiences.

Learn more about Zambezi River Hippo Camp by clicking here, or by visiting Memphis Zoo for yourself!

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