Chauncy's Chance at lawn mowing business begins taking shape

Chauncy's Chance at lawn mowing business begins taking shape
(SOURCE: Hamilton's Lawn Care/Facebook)
(SOURCE: Hamilton's Lawn Care/Facebook)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - His story moved more than just Memphis, it moved hearts all across the Mid-South, and now the teenager is getting to work on the one thing he said he wanted to do....start a lawn mowing business.

Chauncy Black, 16, approached a stranger outside Kroger on Highland Street and asked him if he could take his groceries to the car for some donuts.

If was the story of a hungry teenager meeting a stranger that moved hearts to give.

After raising more than $300,000 on a GoFundMe account, the Memphis teenager is getting to work on his lawn mowing business.

New Facebook video shows Chauncy starting to work with Hamilton's Lawn Care.

The owner said he's showing the teen how to landscape and how to drive that Zero-turn mower.

Hamilton's posted on their Facebook page how impressed they were about Chauncy's work ethic.

"At 15-years old most guys have limited and little experience in the lawn care and even less in landscaping. Which is true with Chauncy - he has to be taught as do all kids," Hamilton's Lawn Care wrote on Facebook. "But, the young man found something to do even when he wasn't sure what to do. In other words, he didn't stand around just waiting to be told what to do next- he would pick up a broom or put equipment back on the trailer. He kept himself busy."

The owner goes on to talk about how great of an opportunity he has to teach Chauncy how the equipment works and how to have work ethics.

"To treat every job as if it was his own property," he writes. "No cutting corners, how paying attention to detail will allow him to do the job right the first time, not to be scared to ask questions if he isn't sure of something."

The owner also addresses Chauncy's clothing and safety, which he said some have made comments about. He said he instructed Chauncy to wear the clothing for his own safety to his shins would not get beat up by debris, but the pants are all Chauncy had at the time. Hamilton's is in the process of ordering Chauncy military grade work pants that are medium weight that will work better for the temperatures they are facing, but assures everyone Chauncy is in good hands and they are well aware of the temperatures.

"So all you loving and caring God moms can rest easy knowing ole SGT Hamilton is gonna take care of him and watch him with both sets of my eyes- yes I have eyes in the back of my head," he writes.

The organizer of the GoFundMe said Chauncy has been getting up at 6:15 a.m. and is showing great work ethic.

Black once stood outside Kroger just hoping to get some donuts to eat, but now his dream of having a lawn mowing business looks like it is beginning to take shape. All because a stranger took time to help, and an abundance of strangers had their hearts moved by his story and began giving to his cause.

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