Police officer wows crowd with breakdance moves

Police officer wows crowd with breakdance moves

LEBANON, TN (WMC) - A police officer is making headlines for brightening a community's day while on the job.

A video posted to Facebook shows an officer who showed up at a community cookout in Lebanon, Tennessee, breakdancing for the crowd.

The man who posted the video, Britton Winfree, said he saw the squad car coming and immediately thought, "Aw man, what now?"

When the officer took off his belt, that held his gun, Winfree couldn't believe it.

"In fact, Officer Ariel Feroz Carrillo trusted us so much that he took his belt which had his gun and other things he uses to protect himself with to teach us a few cool dance moves.," Winfree wrote on Facebook. "These are the things that will bring about change."

This video made all of us here at WMC Action News 5 smile. Thank you, Officer Carrillo!

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