Overnight adventures available at TN's most haunted prison

Overnight adventures available at TN's most haunted prison
(SOURCE: Brushy Mountain Facebook page)
(SOURCE: Brushy Mountain Facebook page)

Petros, TN (WMC) - For thrill seekers and paranormal investigators, a Tennessee prison could be on your 'to do' list for an overnight ghost hunt.

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary saw its last inmates leave in 2009 when the prison closed.

However, the site has now seen tourist attractions, such as a distillery on the grounds. But, it still has the lure to amateur paranormal investigators who are seeking an experience with inmates who never left the prison.

Known as the facility that housed James Earl Ray, Brushy Mountain sits in East Tennessee, just outside Knoxville, in a town called Petros.

The maximum-security prison's most famous escape was when James Earl Ray made his escape from the facility in 1977, only to be found less than 58 hours later and 8.5 miles from the prison.

The difficult and rugged terrain seemed to have caused him to get lost and proved difficult for him to escape the area.

For those interested in hanging out for the night at Brushy Mountain and to see what friends you may encounter, there is a minimum requirement of 12 to a group and the fee is $1,500.

Those who are wanting to take on the overnight adventure must be at least 21 years old.

To book a tour or learn more about the prison and the tourist attractions available in the area, click here.

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