Woman says she was assaulted in line at Kroger

Woman says she was assaulted in line at Kroger

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A woman said a man verbally and physically assaulted her at the Kroger store near Poplar and Highland, all over coupons.

That store has a well-documented history, and this isn't the first time that grocery shopping has gotten violent in the Mid-South.

"It makes me sad for the city that this doesn't seem to be getting better," shopper Sean Alford said.

Friday night, Memphis police were called to Poplar Plaza just after 11 p.m.

A woman told them she was paying for her groceries and using coupons. The man behind her got angry and complained that she was taking too much time in the checkout line.

Then the man grabbed the woman by the back of the head as she was leaving and slammed her head into her grocery cart. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt. A security guard told police the man drove off in a blue Ford F-150.

"I never in my life expected this to happen to me, in the middle of this grocery store," the victim, Megan Wilson, said. "How does someone do that to someone? He was completely unprovoked."

Wilson spoke about the incident on her Facebook:

"I've never felt unsafe here," one shopper who didn't want to give her name said. "I'm here all the time."

But the Poplar Plaza Kroger made national headlines in 2014 after a mob of teens attacked a Kroger customer and two employees. Ten teens and one adult later accepted responsibility for the violent attack. Kroger said security there would be increased.

A couple weeks ago, Nia Jones told WMC Action News 5 that a man punched her in Kroger on Goodman Road after she asked him how to make a pumpkin pie. The man was caught on camera, and 34-year-old Jeremiah Webb eventually surrendered to authorities.

Alford is almost speechless over Friday's incident, wondering how coupons could cause someone to turn violent.

"That's just somebody mean spirited," he said.

Memphis police indicated that the store does have surveillance cameras, but they could not look at the video at the time the report was filed.

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