Holly Bobo family hears disturbing details in court

Holly Bobo family hears disturbing details in court
Zach Adams is charged with kidnapping and killing Holly Bobo (Photo source: Chester County)
Zach Adams is charged with kidnapping and killing Holly Bobo (Photo source: Chester County)
Holly Bobo (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Holly Bobo (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As court proceedings get underway for those accused of murdering a young nursing student, her family sat through court and heard shocking new details of what happened to their daughter.

According to WSMV, an attorney for Jason Autry said he intends to make a deal in the Holly Bobo murder case.

"We've definitely been in negotiations. Our intent is that we will not be in trial in terms of Mr. Autry," his attorney said. But, a plea agreement is not final until all terms of the agreement are reached and each side has agreed to the terms.

Autry is charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping. Autry's trial date is set for July 10.

Steve Farese, the Bobo family's attorney, addressed the possible plea deal Wednesday.

"The family has been fully informed by the prosecution, have always been. Those matters are discussed with the prosecution and the family and a decision is made, but that's a joint decision better answered by the prosecutor. I can tell you the family wants this matter over with. They want justice, whatever that might be, in whatever form that comes," Farese said.

Moving forward, Zach Adams and John Dylan Adams are scheduled to face a judge on April 3.

Wednesday's hearing also featured questions about an attorney's possible conflicts of interest and the judge's comments to another attorney.

Attorneys talked Wednesday about whether attorney Luke Evans should be allowed to represent Zach Adams.

Evans was the attorney for Shayne Austin, who is also charged in the investigation. Austin was found hanged in a hotel room in Florida in 2015. Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols asked Evans about five things Austin wrote on a piece of paper pertaining to Adams.

"Your client Shayne Austin told you Zach Adams said he put her in the river next to a rock that had an orange T on it," Nichols said. "Do you recall that he said that he wrote that 'I had her chained up in the back and called and called Shayne to,'--Please excuse me your honor, f---- her."

According to the prosecution, Austin said Zach told him how he hid Bobo's body.

"You have to gut them so they won't float," he said.

But, Zach's attorney said it doesn't matter what he said. He said just because Zach said those things, doesn't make them true. They said the statement was made by Zach in a bar to unknown people.

In addition, an attorney is trying to get the judge in the case, Judge Creed McGinley, to step aside.

Jennifer Thompson, another attorney representing suspect Zach Adams, said Judge McGinley has been urging her to get her client to take a plea deal.

Thompson said McGinley even went as far as to say the Bobo case will be resolved in just a matter of hours.

Thompson is now asking McGinley to step away from the case, which would put the case on hold.

There will be a court hearing to get McGinley to recuse himself from the case Wednesday morning.

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